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Social Media Perspectives

I hate articles like this:   How Walmart Won the Facebook War vs Target   It shows that there are plenty of Agencies who don’t understand Social Media. And how sensationalism is why so many people are still suckers. To … Continue reading

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Don’t be Snowed. Total Fans and Followers Mean Nothing

I recently blogged that people aren’t engaging with Brands on Facebook. I used MTV’s 100million total fans for their Facebook pages and got into their numbers. Then I saw this Forbes article linked on the Twitter. Stop being conned by … Continue reading

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Does the 22% Decline in Facebook Usage per User Mean Anything for Social?

Last April I wrote a scathing breakdown of all the Facebook Hype Metrics using data directly from the Stats page. Warning its data heavy:  LINK Facebook has a MASSIVE PR problem when it comes to showcasing data. They shoot themselves … Continue reading

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