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Social Tuesday – Why does everyone use the Facebook 750Mil user number?

This is the biggest load of horse shit ever. They never say how many people you can reach today on Facebook. They say there is 750mil users. Well considering in the US the average user logs in 23 times a … Continue reading

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Social Tuesday – Death to Marketers! Long Live Marketers!

I am writing this post out of anger, and angst. I know. Best frame of mind to be in right? I love Marketing. It is my second career after B2B Sales/Business Development. It fascinates me to no end. In some … Continue reading

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Social Tuesday – Thought Leader Round Up!

This has been quite a week. The discussions around Google + have migrated from Google + itself to carpet bagging, gurus, and love. Gini Dietrich had her blog on fire yesterday when she took a stand against people claiming to … Continue reading

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