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Not another Blah Blah Post on the Year of Mobile

This has been asked since 2008. It drives me bonkers. Like how the Ad Industry discusses the Ad Agency of the Future every year…since 1975! Instead of a dumb Infographic filled with false claims. Instead of a bunch of hokey … Continue reading

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Mobile Monday – What is Mobile Good For?

On Friday I presented the Un-Mobile Edition discussing the limitations of mobile now that I have had to use it for work while I sit like a rotting egg on a hot summer pavement for Square Trade to even update … Continue reading

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Mobile Friday – the Un-Mobile Edition

Sorry about the black out here. No this was not SOPA related even though we are against SOPA and PIPA.This was computer related. The laptop died. It was warrantied through Square Trade. Which btw if you can go 2-3 weeks … Continue reading

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