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Mobile Monday – For APPS – Design Design Design!

I really hate blogging out of frustration. I recently had my Droid2 die of electrical failure. While it was only 11 months old Verizon is fighting the warranty, which is really a Motorola issue. Previously I had brought it in … Continue reading

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Mobile Monday – Check Ins are Dead. Next idea please.

Location Based Services: The Check In is Dead. There I said it. End of story. Nobody check’s in on Gowalla, Foursquare, or Places. They just don’t. The value proposition is not there yet. No matter what anyone or Mashable says. … Continue reading

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Mobile Monday – LBS needs the Network and a Mobile Success

Satellite needs the ground Network: Anyone who uses Android Navigation in their car will know that unless you have the ground network the ‘Route’ information does not work. Vermont which has very poor Verizon coverage will allow me to have … Continue reading

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