The Power of Social Media – Google goes Apple with + Project

Today Google released it’s + Project
The Alien’s at Sky Pulse Media are very excited because while we will advise people and brands on Facebook we view it as a massive marketing failure for Brands in general, big and small. Just peruse this blog! But we are very bullish on the Power of Social Media. And while we just debunked Viral and Influence yesterday, meaning how Individual Pieces of Content rarely go Viral. Topics go viral.
The number of Tweets and Blogs today about the Google + Project is overwhelming. This is classic APPLE. Apple doesn’t do the Twitter/Facebook game. When Apple has an announcement and army of bloggers and tweeters and even big news sites all talk about APPLE. And today GOOGLE went APPLE!
By Friday everyone will know about this project and start looking at it to see if it can really compete against Facebook. And once the first stream of testers start telling us their experience this will either explode or die a quick death. Time will tell.
Some great discussions of Google + Project:
We Are Social by Robin Gant 
I am sure Mashable has a write up but who reads Mashable? Not serious Marketers or Thought Leaders.

Just check Twitter check the Blogosphere the world is on Fire over this. And that is the power of social media. It is PEOPLE POWER. Not BRAND POWER. When Google launched Wave it had an hour long presentation explaining it. No one cared. When Apple launched Ping. No one cared. But if you give the people reason to get excited. They will do the heavy lifting for you. If they yawn. Good luck. You can always convince us with 30 sec spots on TV!

Chief Alien Note: We changed the background for the posts to make them more readable even if they take away from the Space Theme.


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Howie Goldfarb with 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience founded Blue Star Strategic Marketing in central Vermont to serve as the objective and strategic adviser of brands to help them grow and thrive. His Degree in Finance and 14 years of B2B sales to Fortune 500 companies gives him a CFO’s view of marketing. Thus bringing a dose of reality to the confusing world of jargon, spin, and hype. Also playfully known as the Chief Alien of Blue Star Strategic, Howie relishes his role as an industry outsider. A native New Yorker and former Angelino, he currently lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont and is still seeking his first moose sighting. His passions are living life, art, music, the outdoors, he tries to cook and loves the Vermont Fresh Network – local sustainability initiatives like farm to table and buying local.
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3 Responses to The Power of Social Media – Google goes Apple with + Project

  1. Chief Alien says:

    I totally need a new commenting platform! Or new blog LOL Thank you Erik and John for coming by!I have conflicting thoughts on the role out. But then Spin Sucks is in Beta and being tested by some people while others know about it and haven't been able to do the same.What would benefit Google is not just beta testers but people who 'get it' and use it in ways the rest of us will 'get' so they can show us and then have enough people who 'get it' so when they open the floodgates there is support beyond Google.

  2. Anything which takes me away from Facebook is welcome. Now it seems they are only rolling it out the 'chosen' few. Might be a while before this expat sees it and experiences it.

  3. erikhare says:

    Thank you very much for your link and kind words! I hadn't thought of it, but you are right that google is doing a lot of "show, don't tell" in how they are rolling this out. It's clear that they understand the real power of SM and how to use it effectively, which gives me even more hope that this will be the platform I've long been looking for.Power to the people! 🙂

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