Why I Hate Info Graphics – They are Deceptive

So to be kind since I could just go whirlwind through Mashable and the Blogosphere on this I will use a recent Huffington Post Article on how Bush’s tax cuts for the rich are our biggest deficit problem. While I am sure we can prove using MATH that this is a major factor, the infographic is disingenuous because it leaves out any money we will owe for Medicare, Social Security, the new Healthcare Law because I am very positive the debt wouldn’t be coming down (noted as Debt Without Those Factors) without changes to those massive programs.

About chiefalien

Howie Goldfarb with 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience founded Blue Star Strategic Marketing in central Vermont to serve as the objective and strategic adviser of brands to help them grow and thrive. His Degree in Finance and 14 years of B2B sales to Fortune 500 companies gives him a CFO’s view of marketing. Thus bringing a dose of reality to the confusing world of jargon, spin, and hype. Also playfully known as the Chief Alien of Blue Star Strategic, Howie relishes his role as an industry outsider. A native New Yorker and former Angelino, he currently lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont and is still seeking his first moose sighting. His passions are living life, art, music, the outdoors, he tries to cook and loves the Vermont Fresh Network – local sustainability initiatives like farm to table and buying local.
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